K/1st Dance & Gymnastics

K/1st Dance and Gym

  • September – May Lessons always start the Tuesday after Labor Day and are finished the Friday before Memorial Day.
  • Tuition is paid monthly. The 30 min class is $38 a month, $67 if the individual is enrolled in more than one class.
  • For those who pay the year up front; there is a 8% break on your total if paid by July 1st.  There is a 6% break for those who pay by September 1st.
  • Please remember there is a $15 registration fee ($20 for a family).
  • Please remember all electronic transactions have a 3% processing fee; you are always welcome to pay by check or cash.
  • Dancers, please view our recital page.  All dancers are automatically included in the recitals.  Fees are process with October tuition.
  • Gymnast and Tumblers have the option of signing up for our DDSGC Olympics held the Tuesday after Memorial Day every year.  Please view the Olympics Page for more details.
  • Attire for dance is; Girls – any color leotard and tights, white tap and white ballet shoes.  Boys wear shorts and a T, black tap shoes, black ballet shoes.  We are able to size and order the shoes for you if you would like. Taps are $25 / Ballets are $16.35.  (We choose the ballet shoes over the jazz as they are less expensive)  At this age; dance class size is limited to around 8, gym class size is limited to around 7.
  • We have team opportunities for this age group.  Please email for more details.

Mon         5:30pm       Gym
Mon         6:15pm       Dance
Tue           3:45pm      Gym
Tue           4:30pm      Dance
Tue           5:00pm      Gym
Tue           5:45pm      Dance
Tue           6:15pm      Gym
Tue           7:00pm      Dance
Wed          5:30pm      Gym
Wed          6:15pm      Dance
Thr            4:00pm     Gym
Thr            4:45pm     Dance
Thr            5:15pm      Gym


Summer Camps are non-competitive, fun, educational 30 min classes for $36.05 for the camp / or ck/cash discount $35.00.  The camp will run Monday – Thursday, same time each day. 

  • Second camp for the same child is $30.90 (ck/cash discount price $30)
  • Third camp is $25.75 (ck/cash discount price $25)
  • Forth camp is $20.06 (ck/cash discount price $20)
  • Fifth Camp is $15.45 (ck/cash discount price $15)
  • Sixth Camp is $10.30 (ck/cash discount price $10)
  • Seventh Camp is $5.15 (ck/cash discount price $5).
  • Sign up with a friend for the same camp and you each receive a 10% price break, along with the above “Rainbow Special”.

Choose one of the above camps to go with your choice below:

  • Hip Hop / M-Th / 11:00 am
  • Tumbling / M-Th / 11:30 am