The Dubuque Dance Company

 2018 Dubuque Dance Company Members

Team 1:  Aurora Davis, Lilly Jo Davis, Halle Doland, Annabelle Elliott, Mallory Pfab, Lucy Schiesl, Sophia Schultz, Chloe Marcov, Rayne Thoma, AudRhianna Thomas, Kinsleigh Tucker, Charlotte Wrobleski, Grace Zhang

Team 2:  Jaycie Davis, Liam Dostal, Lexie Fink, Darcy Gassman, Harper Goranson, Brianna Janzen, Ava Loebach, Tara Mauer, Alyvia Miller, Clara Puls, Zeke Quintana, Olivia Quintana, Kylie Jo Wulfekuhle

Team 3: Mia Doland, Kiley Elliott, Amali Fabricius, Madison Fink, Grace Gassman, Hannah Gavin, Maya Hoefelmeyer, Anaya Isaac, Lucas Loebach, Lalah Miller, Melanie Pfab, Mary Priest, Garret Schuster

Team 4:  Sophia Chen, Vivian Chen, Kalie Davis, Kalea Dostal, Carsyn Gehl, MazieAnne Holdren, Abbie Keller, Michael Loebach, Maria Schreiber, Aaliyah Smothers, Kayleese Thoma, Hannah Wrobleski

Team 5:  Isabelle Barefoot, Maddie Gehl, Emily Gockel, Grace Kluesner, Lilly Loewenberg, Elise Norman,  Trinity Priest, Maggie Schreiber,  Carmen Schuster, Ana Smith, Aleeyah Steines, Hannah Stoner, Josie Wolbers


  • Sept – May – class is on Saturday (in addition to their weekday class), 1 hour dance and 1 hour gym.
  • During the summer:  twice a week / an hour dance and an hour gym or use pre/k camps.  These camps are twice a week – and
    are 30 minutes of dance and 30 minutes of gym.
  • School year fee is $94 a month / Summer fee is $250

For Students ages 6 and up – the following levels:

“Beginning, Advanced Beginning, Intermediate 1 and 2, Advanced Intermediate, Advanced 1 and 2, Elite

  • During the school year this is a two hour class on Saturday and the hour and 45 min class during the week.
  • During the summer this team runs twice a week during the week (Monday – Thursday) with weekends are off during the
    The only company commitments on summer weekends are performances (these are not mandatory, but family
    friendly, attend what you are able).  These would be listed on our calendar.  Please view our calendar quite often.
  • School year fee is $94.00 a month  (this price includes your weekday class and is your monthly total).Summer fee is $250 and
    runs June – August with the week of the 4th of July off.


  • Students must be registered in a weekday class of tap/ballet/jazz/hip hop.
  • Anyone can join.
  • Students join at the beginning level and pass skills to progress in levels and set goals.
  • Students take all year around / 30 day notice in writing if discontinuing / writing notice by May 1st if not taking summer / any
    fees paid are non-refundable.

Attire for class and performances:

  • Attire for pre/k– black leotard, tan, white or pink tights  white tap & ballet shoes, tan jazz shoes, hair in bun.
  • For 2 hour company members– black leotard / pink tights and shoes from weekday, include jazz shoes
  • Equipment that is needed must be purchased through the studio please so everyone matches:

Team Warm Up Is Required and is Required at all events

  • (Please keep in mind this is a 4 – 6 week order, during busy months possible 10 week order) (Approx. $114.00)
  • For stadium and outdoor performances students use a neck leotard (Approx. $33.00)
  • For stage presentations students wear a strap leotard (and may also use the neck, depending on the routine and performance).
    (Approx $22 child / $36 adult)
  • Other equipment worn with the leotards:  shorts, studio tutu’s (for girls who are not yet on pointe, no fee for these)
    professional tutu’s (for all girls who are on pointe – Approx $114.00)


  • This is a year around event, students are allowed to take a break if needed, however they are mandated back to the beginning
    level and must be tested and pass the skills needed to progress in levels.
  • If a students misses a class, we understand – but your must send written notification via email.
  • If it is due to sickness – send when able – IF IT IS DUE TO AN EVENT, PLEASE GIVE NOTICE 10 DAYS BEFORE ABSENCE.
  • If a students is going to miss a performance please rsvp at least 10 DAYS before, unless it is due to a sickness or severe illness in

Company Members usually perform twice at recitals in Nov and May, but not at March Recital During the months of January – April the company performs at stadium shows. Stadium shows and additional shows for the company are always posted on our studio calendar.  This calendar should be checked monthly at least.  Please know that all company members are welcome to classes below their level free of charge.  So, if they miss, or want to work on skills – all classes below their level are automatically open to them.

Studio Policy:
At events, no one is allowed to sit and talk negatively or make negative comments about others groups, directors or the event.  Please understand when you do this, ultimately you are saying it about the child that is performing.  Parents and students are not allowed to show negative emotion or lack of control at events as it embarrasses the children,… anything that needs addressing will be addressed at the studio and the studio only.  Please be aware that breaking this policy would eliminate your student from performing.