The Dubuque Tumbling Team – Fliptastics

“The Fliptastics”
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2018 Competitive Tumbling Team:   Amelia Artingstall (Adv), Hadley Cavanagh (Adv Beg),  Calvary Coffman (Adv Beg), Kalie Davis (Sub Novice), Jaycie Davis (Adv Beg), Emily Goodpaster (Adv), Natalie Goodpaster (Beg), Alaina Henry (Adv Beg), Elena Hickson (Sub Beg), Romona Hinton (Sub Novice), Maya Hoefelmeyer (Adv Beg), Anaka Hosch (Int), Aleah Johnson (Int), Alex Johnson (Beg), Evalee Klein (Beg), Ivery Kluever (Adv Beg), Maelyn Kluever (Novice), Vivia Kluever (Adv Beg), Wrenna Kluever (Sub Beg), Grace Kolker (Sub Adv), Ava Loebach (Beg), Lucas Loebach (Beg), Michael Loebach (Sub Nov), Callina Manning (Beg), Lily Morehead (Sub Novice), Grace Murphy (Novice), Jacob Quintana (Beg), Olivia Quintana (Beg), Carly Runde (Sub Novice), Audrey Schuster (Beg), Carmen Schuster (Sub Novice), Sage Skidmore (Beg), Anniston Starr (Adv Beg), Finley Starr (Int), Evelyn Winkelman (Sub Nov), Hayden Wood (Adv Beg), Kylie Wulfekuhle (Beg), Kelsi Yarnall (Adv Beg)

We are members of USTA and follow the USTA program. Students attend one weekday class of tumbling and / or gymnastics as well as the Competitive Class that usually meets on Saturday.  Competitions are primarily on the central to east side of the state.

Day of Competition Reminders:

  • Arrive an hour before scheduled warm up time.
  • Hair must be pulled back / secured / must stay put.
  • Sports bras / straps must not show
  • No team warm up suits into warm up area at meet.
  • Text Mr D upon arrival 563-663-8483
  • No body stickers, tattoos, no polish on fingers/toes, no jewelry, no
    watches, no earrings.
  • They call age and level 3 times, after the 3rd call, you are not eligible to

Tumbling Team Hours and Fees

  • Students take Year Around:
  • September – May students take a weekday class and Fri. (Maq) or Sat. (DBQ)
  • Summer / twice a week – no weekends
  • Fees are listed on the “prices” page
  • If you need to give notice to discontinue, a full 30 days is required (by April 1st for summer, by July 1st for the school term).

Equipment needed:
•Studio Warm Up (10 – 12 week order)
•Competition Leotard (girls $35, boys – shirt and shorts $75).
•Both girls and boys uniforms may also be worn in class.

A few other things to note:

  • Regular lessons run The Tuesday after Labor Day until the Friday before Memorial Day, Summer runs 7 – 8 weeks June – Aug with no classes the entire week of the 4th of July.  Please be aware that early June and late Aug there may be need for extra hours that are not included in the above pricing.
  • All competitors should eat appropriately (whole – fresh foods – fruits, veggies (5 – 8 per day), eggs and whole grains (not cold cereal)), 8 – 12 glasses of water, absolutely no pop or flavored drinks, stretch legs and backs on a daily basis and condition their abs for maximum outcome.
  • If our recommended schedule is altered in any way, please know it will directly affect the progress of your student.  The program is set up specifically to progress and develop your child, if you choose to alter it, we understand, but YOU are also choosing to alter their level and development.

In addition:

  • We compete in approximately 5 – 9 tumbling meets a year.  Students are not required to attend all meets, but you must RSVP your intentions via email by the deadline given and pay your meet fee.  Your confirmation that you are registered is when you see your athletes name listed under the competition.
  • It is your responsibility to double check your team page, as this is your confirmation for the meets we are entering your athlete in.  Be sure your athlete is listed correctly on everything.
  • While we would like a coach personally present for each athlete, all athletes should be prepared and be able to perform on their own.  They need to be alert, and know the process at competition with or without their coach.
  • All competitors pay a membership fee to compete of $50 in July for the upcoming fall / spring season.
  • The meets we attend are on the eastern half of the state, and we may also choose a meet from Illinois / Wisconsin each year.
  • Parents, family members and friends are barred from the competition floor / area.  It is against policy to approach directors, coaches, judges – contact should be made through your head coach.
  • We attend one State Meet and one National Meet every year – if your student qualifies for these meets, this will also be an option for them
  • Meet fees are $37 per meet.  State and National fees are $50 on the average.  Included in this fee is a coaches fee to assist in covering wages/travel expense.
  • The address of the meet site is always on the original sign up form for that meet.  So you will know the address and be able to map out distance and location before you commit to the meet.
  • Meet times are distributed as soon as we receive them.

Many times it is the weekend before competition

  • Parents are responsible to have their competitor:  Arrive on time to the designated site (approximately an hour before warm up time), find the area to obtain the competitors number and make sure the number is marked on her or his hand.  Report on time to their coach, dressed and ready for competition.  Have a nutritional breakfast eggs, toast and fruit (no doughnuts, pancakes, waffles, sugar cereal, that will put them in a “food coma”, forgetting their routine, or affecting their emotional state).
  • Absolutely no hair touching the floor or face.
  • After your competitor leaves the competition floor – they should head right to the awards area and wait for awards.  There is a certain amount of time that needs to pass before awards are read and distributed, but please be patience and wait at the designated area.
  • We try to place students where they will excel and do well.  It is important that parents influence the “correct competitive atmosphere”.  Please be aware that if you lose control your child will be barred from competing.  We are never vocal towards Judges, Directors, or other teams in a negative way.


Results for 2018: 

  • Jan. 13/14 Team Trials / Invitational in Belvidere IL:  Maya Hoefelmeyer (5th place), Alex Johnson (4th place), Ava Loebach (1st place), Lucas Loebach (4th place), Michael Loebach (2nd place), Carly Runde (2nd place), Hayden Wood (2nd place), Kelsi Yarnall (4th place)
  • Jan. 21  UTT Iowa Falls: Romona Hinton (4th place), Maya Hoefelmeyer (1st place), Evalee Klein, Ava Loebach (2nd place), Lucas Loebach (1st place), Michael Loebach (1st place), Olivia Quintana (1st place), Carly Runde (4th place)
  • Jan 27th  Fairfield, Iowa;  Elena Hickson (1st), Maya Hoefelmeyer (1st), Ava Loebach (1st), Lucas Loebach (1st), Michael Loebach (1st), Grace Murphy (1st), Sage Skidmore (1st)
  • Maquoketa:  Hadley Cavanagh, Jaycie Davis, Kalie Davis, Alaina Henry (1st), Elena Hickson (1st), Romona Hinton, Maya Hoefelmeyer, Anaka Hosch, Alex Johnson (2nd), Aleah Johnson, Evalee Klein, Ivery Kluever, Maelyn Kluever, Vivia Kluever, Wrenna Kluever (1st), Lucas Loebach, Michael Loebach, Grace Murphy, Carly Runde, Audrey Schuster, Carmen Schuster, Sage Skidmore (1st), Anniston Starr (2nd), Finley Starr, Evelyn Winkelman, Hayden Wood, Kylie Wulfekuhle, Kelsi Yarnall (4th)
  • Feb. 24/25  EPT  Boone:  Lily Morehead, Sage Skidmore(1st), Kelsi Yarnall (4th), Audrey Schuster (2nd), Carmen Schuster (2nd)
  • March 10/11  INTC  Indianola: Maya Hoefelmeyer (5th place), Lily Morehead (5th place), Sage Skidmore (1st place),
  • March 17/18  PCT  Waverly HS /  Hadley Cavanagh (2nd place), Calvary Coffman, Jaycie Davis, Kalie Davis (2nd place), Alaina Henry, Elena Hickson (1st place), Romona Hinton (2nd place), Maya Hoefelmeyer, Anaka Hosch, Alex Johnson, Aleah Johnson, Evalee Klein, Ivery Kluever, Maelyn Kluever, Vivia Kluever, Wrenna Kluever, Lucas Loebach, Michael Loebach, Callina Manning, Lily Morehead, Grace Murphy, Olivia Quintana (2nd place, Carly Runde, Audrey Schuster (4th place), Carmen Schuster (1st place), Sage Skidmore (1st place), Anniston Starr, Finley Starr, Evelyn Winkelman, Hayden Wood, Kylie Wulfekuhle, Kelsi Yarnall
  • April 7/8   Webster City:  Calvary Coffman, Alaina Henry, Romona Hinton (3rd), Maya Hoefelmeyer (2nd), Grace Murphy, Carly Runde, Sage Skidmore (2nd)
  • TUMBLING – April 21/22  STATE Meet MAT Marshalltown HS  Hadley Cavanagh, Calvary Coffman, Jaycie Davis, Kalie Davis, Alaina Henry, Elena Hickson, Romona Hinton, Maya Hoefelmeyer, Anaka Hosch, Alex Johnson, Aleah Johnson, Ivery Kluever, Maelyn Kluever, Vivia Kluever, Wrenna Kluever, Ava Loebach, Lucas Loebach, Michael Loebach, Lily Morehead, Grace Murphy, Olivia Quintana, Carly Runde, Audrey Schuster, Carmen Schuster, Sage Skidmore, Anniston Starr, Finley Starr, Evelyn Winkelman, Hayden Wood